Ever since I first heard about Parallel Universes, my thoughts have been going haywire about the possibilities they might open. So, the first thing that came to my mind was how could one go from one parallel universe to another? and, how many of these parallel universes existed? What I am going to propose next is possibly the craziest thing that has ever been related to these universes.

The wave- particle duality of our universe is in itself a mystery to my mind which is as of yet untouched by higher Physics. So, a theory that my mind first came up with to explain this strangeness was through the route of parallel universes.

My theory is that there is no such thing as the wave particle duality, come to think of it we haven’t really observed an intermediate phase between the states to point to a clear transition, it is simply too abrupt. What I propose instead, is that, the conversion of mass to energy and vice-versa is only a trade between two parallel universes. One of them being the universe we can perceive.

In such a case, I believe, it is safe to say that the speed of light has a key role to play since it plays an important role in almost every wave particle conversion. It is intimately related to the popular photon-light wave transition and as I believe, could very well be linked to Graviton-Gravity as well since these might very well be linked once the hypothetical particle is found in our universe. In case this theory is adopted, it could very well explain the origin of Gravity and our failure in finding the Graviton as I shall discuss in my next post. Moving back to the topic at hand, the speed of light is linked to possibly every wave- particle transit I know of. And, somehow manages to feature almost exclusively in the famous equation that Einstein came up with:

e = mc^2

what if the transit was only a trade between the two universes and the speed of light being the minimum speed limit on the highway linking these? Not only would it solve several mysteries of the universe, it would also mean that the old timers got the better of Einstein by stating that mass always remains conserved and Einstein on the other hand ended up calculating the going rate for mass energy trade. It could mean that we need to rewrite some of our theories on quantum mechanics and that we could someday be able to travel to another universe possibly before we travel to another galaxy.

It would almost certainly make physics as we know it simpler. In hopes of finding great readers and critics, I bring my first blog to an end in anticipation of finding mentors with far more knowledge than I have.

Thank You.