Idea to Hiding Audio, by it convert into Image.(Data hiding)

While working with Steganography. I want to hide Audio in Image. But lastly, I convert Audio in Image to hide data of the Audio.

Logic of hiding Audio file in form of Image

So I start finding out Libraries to ready Audio data

Libraries used:-

  1. ffmpy (python) For file conversion
  2. soundfile (python) Read and Write the WAV file in python
  3. numpy (pyhton) Handling N dimensional array
  4. cv2 (python) Use for writing the PNG image

Reading of WAV file

read() method of soundfile returns two thing

  1. samplerate
  2. (frames)(data types are (float,int))(array of data)

As this Program reads int16 ,datatype. range of (-32768 to 32767)

One of the given data

data = 6000 //range of (-32768 to 32767)
data = data + 32768
// divide data bits(data is of 16 bits)
datafront = first8bitsof(data) // 8bits
datalast = last8bitsof(data) // 8bits

then,for the 2 channel in the data of 16 bits convert in 4 channel of 8 bits.which easy represent the image pixel value between 0 to 255

Using open write the data in image form. But image file must be PNG(lossless compression).

Check out whole code on my github profile:-

Here is an ENCODE IMAGE:-

this the 1/4 image of data