Relevant Info and Ephemera, July 2016:

"Inception, in its orchestration of psychological fabric, is one of the finest pieces of modern cinema."

"Wait, you took the papers from my desk? I will avenge your demise, random tree! (cue Moonlight Sonata performed by a Symphony of Instruments in E-Flat Major, at 160 bpm, or Danse Macabre by Saint-Saëns with violin solo, at a brisk tempo)."

"The phone, our source of cat videos over almost all material knowledge in the known universe"

"If my handwriting was a font, it would still be a 5/7"

"Music may represent the current state of affairs in our world for the informed and ignorant"

"Sometimes we question our place in the known depths of space, without questioning what we currently are doing"

"Sometimes the theory of a parallel universe appeals to us as a gateway for world piece, both a fallacy and reality at the same time to the extent of human knowledge"

"We have come from smashing rocks together. to smashing atoms together"

"Science, like it or not, is with us from the day we are born to the day we perish. The sooner you learn, the better you get by."

"Without language there would be no advancement in human society. Emoticons are evolving at a faster rate than we are as biological specimens, so prepare for the day of our demise where humans communicate visually with depictions of said characters and verbally with their description"