My favorite apps for Ubuntu

I run a vanilla version of Ubuntu tweaked to my liking , over time i found myself using a lot of stuff that i ended up using in my daily work flow.

Code Editors: Everyone has his or her own choice and mine are several ones. I use Sublime Text for Python and Ruby code , Atom for HTML , CSS and JS files. Nano for config files , and heavens Vim for getting my hands dirty with crazy low level files on the linux kernel.

Everyday Use: A typical day involves lots of browsing , reading emails , editing photos , listening to music and finally some episodes of Flash or Castle thrown in the middle.

Chrome : I just cant thank it enough , it runs a lot of web apps that are quite useful to me not to mention Extensions.

Nylas N1 : This one is a invite only email client that i happen to use everyday. With people making plugins it is bound to be one of the best mail clients out there.

Transmission : One of the most lightweight and easy to use Bit Torrent clients out there. I rely on it for everything that has to do with torrents.

Corebird : One of the best written Twitter Clients out there that you can use today. Most of the times i end up trusting Corebird to do the job for me over opening Chrome and then going to Tweet Deck.

Dropbox : Surprisingly it has a client that runs everywhere even on my servers too ;) Backing up important data or sending huge files to my friends it handles it all. One of the most underrated tools in my work flow that gets a lot of shit done.

Uget : One of the best download managers for Ubuntu , i seldom end up using this over everything else to download stuff. Its reliable and simple to use.

Spotify : From playing local music to the ones i have never heard it does it all. With social discovery built in , you can find almost every song out there (Okay — Taylor Swift’s). But it does have a native client that works on Linux , Mac and Windows. With Spotify i have no longer have boring coding sessions ;)

VLC : When you end up watching anything chances are VLC handles it perfectly. From 144P to 4K videos with usual to bizarre codecs it handles them all. When GoT , Flash or Arrow call me , VLC takes me to them :P

Steam : I am a gamer and i cant sit around on a PC without gaming even on Linux too. The number of games supported on Linux is on the rise and i couldn’t ask for more ; well perhaps even deeper discounts perhaps yes. The added advantage is the ability to take screenshots as well as play music.

Don’t forget to tweet me at @H_Halvi about the Software’s you use the most on Linux :)

Originally published at on December 31, 2015.

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