What if we were emulated.?

What if.?

Earlier today i was busy configuring a Virtual Machine and a friend of mine asked me the difference between a Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Hosting.? I was feeling too dizzy to tell him about the actual technical stuff that differentiates them , i somehow related it to real life and (hopefully) he understood what the difference was. But then that got me thinking.? We are born , we reproduce and then die , each of serve a purpose even if think you don’t you are serving a purpose by becoming an example of someone who did not have a purpose for good or bad. But then think of it , as a programmer i only declare variables only when i absolutely need them. Just like our world , our Devices have a limit to the number of stuff they can handle , store and process.

The God mode :

As a kid who grew up believing that someday i could amass a portal that can help me get the God like abilities i feel so fortunate enough to know that such a portal exits its called as Technology. As a programmer , i create , modify and nullify stuff (CRUD 😉 ) that have some sort of impact on the other variables and the system on the whole. Real life too is not too different from this , people are born , people change (Themselves and stuff around them.!) , people die.

Is it (simply) too complex..?

I was 5 year old when the “ice-cream man” was my super hero. Every day he used to create new stuff , so many flavors and the combination of them will not run out even if i had one every day. Today i am no different from him in many ways , so many ideas and powers that grant me to bend the system in many ways be it in a good or bad way. Some times it seems way too simple that this might be the case then comes the hard part , the complexity attached to it.

How hard can it be..?

Not too much.! The bridge between our online and offline life is so closing down that its just a matter of time before this seems apparent. The 12 year version of me would suggest this would be the work of Illuminati but no the present version of me says it has to be someone else. But then this seems right out of some game where i end up using cheats to gain immortality , games are very small when you compare it with real world. So there must be vast number of hacks (or Cheats) that you can use to gain superman like abilities.

Till the day i find that out i will be sticking with my super hero powers , a Laptop SSH connection and a Server with huge number of problems to solve. One terminal at a time 😉

Originally published at www.hhalvi.in on November 29, 2015.

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