The untold story of Julius Sharma


What’s up Bangalore?

This is RJ Juulius…Shharma…

Deep, dark or unworldly, each one of us is holding a story within. In fact, every yay and every nay shapes the story we call life. That said, some of us experience plot twists that are surreal.

Julius Sharma is one such story. A radio jockey by profession, his story is bound to warm your heart—one word at a time. Read on to experience hope, faith and optimism like never before!

The Radio Bonding: How Did it all Begin?

A job for the witty and street-smart, radio has always been, and still is, an offbeat career option. While most do it for the thrill, Julius’s interest in broadcasting is more of a sweet gesture.

At a tender age of eight, an unseasoned yet determined Julius took to commentary to cheer his mother. He is off to a great start but will his pursuit wax and wane with time? Well, only time will tell!

*A passion that sprung from a selfless desire is yet to face the scrutiny of a big wide (not so friendly) world.*

Hit or Miss: Will Julius Make it in Time?

It was the year 2010. Julius, now 20-something, spends his time making on air demos. Day after day, he visited the studios with a CD in his hand, waiting for a chance to be heard. Sadly, all he heard at the end of the day was: “Not today, come again later.”

Months passed by and dejection started to creep in. Yet an unwavering spirit kept Julius going. As we know it, fortune, however late, favours the bold and persistent — Julius finally got a breakthrough when he crossed paths with Saggy Santosh Gnanakan and Kenny Jones.

A program director offering radio services to clients across the globe, Kenny had exciting things in store for Julius. An audition was called for and before long, Julius landed a job in the radio industry as a production executive. He was finally in!

He was doing what an audio engineer would do, produced radio spots. Furthermore, Julius voiced commercials that aired on radio.

*Since his voice was only played during ads, Julius’s mother would skip all the songs, and eagerly wait for the ads to pitch in. And, as you can imagine, very proudly shouted with excitement: "Hey, that’s my son’s voice!" *

A Decade Later…

Julius is a seasoned voice artist with over 8 years of experience as a radio jockey, host and DJ. He has met what most can call an envious list of Bollywood celebrities. Some of the biggest names in Hindi cinema, including Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor and Akshay Kumar, have conversed with Julius on air and in person to promote upcoming films.

Yes, it’s safe to call him a hotshot now! Julius, of late, was spotted hosting one of the biggest food and music festivals that featured Harrdy Sandhu, Badhsha, Tanmay Bhat, Kanan Gill and more.

From a wannabe to a maven, Julius has come a long way. And although his parents are no longer by his side — there’s no doubt — they’d be overwhelmingly proud of their son.

His story is a reminder to get out there, work hard and be brave enough to ask for what you want.

“There are millions of amazing people around the world who I look up to and I am a tiny microscopic dot in the ocean. I am grateful for any opportunities that have come my way. I have tremendous respect and gratitude to your support and I will continue to remind myself to be thankful and keep working hard. ”

-Julius Sharma

While he had every reason to blame fate, Julius chose to make his own destiny. It’s a lot easier said than done. But hey, there is always a starting point! And if you look closely, that point is usually a ‘setback’ in disguise.

Find the setback and work your magic!

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