B Hari
B Hari
Dec 20, 2017 · 4 min read

Inspired by Emily Kathryn Rudow , I decided to run 10K everyday for 30 days in 2017

Here is a note on my experience

Am not a runner by any standards. But have run a full marathon once in 2014 and 10K twice in the last two years in #TSK25 Tata Steel Kolkata 25K run, Kolkata , India. This year the run was on Dec 17 , 2017. Around the 20th of November , 2017 was googling for advice on how to prepare for a 10K run when I found this article in Medium written by Emily . As soon as I read the article , I felt very inspired with what Emily shared and accomplished .Decided that I too will take up this #happinessofpursuit quest and will attempt it.

Was very nervous initially , since I am not as young as Emily and neither physically fit for such challenges . Moreover have always been advised by many people around that running is bad for the bones and joints specially when you are ageing.

Emily’s note touched my heart and I listened to my heart. I started my first 10K run on November 21, 2017 . Had set some rules for my running quest :

  1. Non stop running till 10K is complete. No bio breaks even.
  2. No selfies / no posts in social media . No bragging with friends and family.
  3. Will listen to my body and if the body starts complaining , will quit.

Today (20th December , 2017) as I write , I just completed my 30th run of 30. Completed 10K in the TSK25K run in 65.5 minutes . My average speed for a 10K run is around 69 minutes. Some days a little faster but most days a little slower since all I wanted was to complete 10K without hurting myself. Did make contact with Emily . She was proactive , kind and encouraged me every day. Learnt that social media posts on a daily basis could help the mood and I started posting my run ( I use the NIKE app on my iPhone) on Instagram after 5 days of keeping silent. HOP is the name by which I started call #happinessofpursuit . Small , sweet , easy to add as a hashtag .

Emily Rudow and Chris Guillebeau

Every day has been a great day for me since then. Am breaking my own record every day and am looking forward to the next day . The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life , a book written by Chris Guillebeau, inspired Emily to create her own quest and she went on to break the world record for running the most consecutive half marathons run by a woman. Emily is a cofounder of a Canadian startup oneiric hockey . She also shared how the HOP quest helped her startup get more things get done in less time .

TSK25 run on Dec 17, 2017 at the Red Road , Kolkata

As I have experienced finishing my current quest , I urge each one of you to set and enjoy your HOP #happinessofpursuit quest.

Here are a few tips :

Happiness is in the journey , the destination motivates undertaking of the journey.

Choose your HOP quest properly . Think big and take one step at a time.

The HOP quest is for you. Do not allow any outside variables to stop you from pursuing your HOP quest.

Every HOP quest will bring in a massive positive change in your outlook of life.

Ups and downs are quite normal in this journey. Enjoy them equally and feel good that you have decided to undertake your HOP quest.

The experience of the HOP (#happinessofpursuit) quest made me realise that running consecutively 10K for 30 days is no big deal for several runners. However , it was a big deal for me since I have never done it before nor even thought of taking up such a task. The beauty of the HOP quest lies in its simplicity . You enjoy every small milestone of your quest with incremental intensity and look forward to the next milestone.

My TSK25K run (27th) was dedicated to the team Wow! Momo , my 30th run is dedicated to the team @mukundafoods , two of my favourite startups in the Food Tech space. Sported their T-Shirts /caps on those runs .

As on date have run 324 KM in 2293 minutes , in 30 days consecutively.

Thought that sharing my experience of the HOP quest , would be useful to several individuals . Also realised that HOP quest could be a game changer for people from all walks of life . Am so thankful to Emily , Chris, Simi and all my friends in Instagram who encouraged me everyday on my HOP quest. Thanks to Nike for their Running App and their mantra “Just Do It”. My heartfelt thanks to all the walkers and runners in the Dhakuria Lakes , Kolkata , specially in the Lions Safari Park and Padmapukur , where I did my running on 29 of 30 days. I had to run in Delhi on Dec 15 , since I had to travel for a meeting.

ps: Wanted to coin a term for the #happinessofpursuit (HOP) quest and see if this could be promoted globally to support ,motivate and encourage people in their own HOP quest. Registered domain names www.hoptism.com and www.hoptist.com to further this beautiful and simple concept . Please relish the happiness in every moment of your pursuit for happiness and embrace hoptism. Gratitude once again.

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