Shawarma and Sandman

The best times out are the ones without the weight of going back to work / commitments the next day.

So it happened today in Singapore. Been here since May, mostly studying for my MBA. Classes in the mornings, assignments in the day and group discussion in the nights. Yet the best was left for last — 12 examinations in 5 days. 5 days of intense studying, huge cups of coffee, hurried lunches and average sleep of 3 hours. Loved it.

The unwinding after such an episode is always amazing. And so after sleeping till noon today, I headed out with a plan in my head and some cash in my wallet — cash I had decided I won’t regret running out of.

First stop? China Town. There was a festive feeling all around, and I got pictures to prove it! Beautiful stuff. By some stroke of luck, I followed a path that lead me to a bridge over the main road, and to this view:

China Town, Singapore
China Town, Singapore


Got off the bridge, and heard drums beating and people shouting. Followed the noise, and came upon a dancing lion.

There was a thick crowd, so couldn't get a good look. Still, recorded a snippet.

The lion’s ‘handlers’ then started pushing the crowd back — “I need this space” — and so we left. The “whoa-whoa-whoa-” you hear at the end of the video is the handler pushing us back.

So, yeah, we left, and the next stop was the most important part of the evening, for me at least. The place was a small comic book shop at the Plaza Singapura called “Absolute Comics”. My plan was to go and see if they had Sandman Overture, and then buy it :P. And had it they did, with Special Editions of the first two issues. The guy was selling them at quite a high price, but it was Sandman, and so I had to buy the thing.

Sandman Overture

So here they are, in all the glossy glory. Beautiful is the word.

Quite possibly my best buy in Singapore. The sad part is I have never been able to find these back in India, so I had no choice but to shell out the money he was asking.

The guy had tons more stuff, from figurines to bobbleheads to pop stuff, and a good collection of books, all at a premium.

Everything was worth it to me. But I have just gone too bl***y practical these days. So just Sandman it was.

And then it was Arab Street. Ah, the crowds. And the smell of sheesha in the air. After walking about for half an hour, we finally landed a good ‘table-for-two’ and settled down with a Double Apple sheesha and cold Heinekens.


And amazing shawarma to top it off. Mr. Stark would have loved it.