The Perfect Indian Masala Chai

Let’s take a look at ingredients and few critical steps to make the perfect Indian Masala Tea. This recipe is one of the (I guess) hundreds of recipes. I do not like/prefer sugar in my tea. If you want to add sugar, add it per taste towards the end. Perfect water temperature is the key and you must use whole spices.

Clove contributes to amora and cardamom to the flavor.

Your drinking cup is your measuring cup. 3/4 cup of filtered water, per cup is ideal.

Keep the heat constant throughout the process. Do not boil the water.

Break the clove bud and add it into hot water.

Never trash the cardamom peel.

Freshly powdered cardemom always works to enhance the flavors.

Aviod boiling the water. Keep the heat constant.

Give it a good stir. The light golden orange color is the result of saffron.

Time to add tea powder. Tea powder must be the last ingredient. More time you rest the tea powder in hot water, it turns the tea bitter. I am using The Taj Mahal tea.

Milk is optional. Avoid sugar if you want to enjoy the subtle flavors.

Enjoy it hot. :)

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