Just another Sunday evening.

I can write, but I have nothing really to write about. It’s more about, ‘where do I begin’ and less of ‘I need to write this’. It feels so good to see words getting typed on my screen while I pick and choose alphabets on my keyboard. But sadly, there is nothing to write on or write about. I feel strangulated. I wake up every day or rather every Monday with a feeling of — This is it! What happens next is a barrage of routine that hits you every second. Some call it, ‘the usual’. Life, just like any one of us has its way of saying ‘What’s up’ and all we do is reply with a naive, given up smile — ‘The usual’. How on earth has life come down to this? As I continue writing, I secretly wish that this whatever I am writing becomes an instant hit. Scores of people share my rant and eventually I become a torch bearer of their misery. You know and I know nothing will change. Right now, that feeling which I just ignited within you will soon wither away after you see someone post on Facebook about how he quit his job and started travelling or when you are forced to like a post of your friend joining Facebook or Google. Either way, I am a nobody. I ain’t giving you a message or trying to wake you up from your slumber. This is me and my selfish ways to take things out on a yet another failed Sunday evening revolution. My words will end in a while. This isn’t turning into a book or a screenplay of some series. This is life and whoever said you got to deal with it is equally trying to figure out the same thing. Look at me, I am grinning right now. I am suddenly feeling a bit proud of my rant. The glint in my eyes and the greed in my hands is making me write more. Calm down, Johny, you ain’t getting famous for writing this piece of crap. Wait, maybe long after I am gone, someone comes across this rant and they might turn me into a life changing genius.We humans have funny ways to validate ourselves. Aah! We never improve. You know what, just get on with your thing. Wait for a Monday that will soon be a reality unlike your weekend resolutions. What you are reading, doesn’t have a fairy-tale ending nor it will teach you how to get rich and famous in 60 days. This is me and the challenges of being a just another average human being who pretends to try and eventually gets a sound sleep. Because those who really try aren’t wasting their time writing this crap. They are moving mountains while we still tell our moms or spouses to clear the table. Why? Because you are tired after a hard day’s work. Good lord! The fact is you’ve been working hard to make someone rich who is already spending your efforts giving our nature some hard time. Okay, I might soon sound like a poor version of Micheal’s Heal the World. The point is, we have gone too far and too long sulking every Sunday evening dreading a week full of slavery. We have gone too far and too long waiting for weekends that’s just like love — starts on a beautiful note and leaves you without an intimation. And trust me, it hurts. But what we do, shout out ‘TGIF’. Do yourself some favour and cut some slack. How about waiting for that beautiful Monday or treating weekends like weekdays. Trust me, if weekend was a girl and if I treated her like weekdays, she would never ever friend-zone a guy. How about making this happen? This is what endless writing does. Builds up hope. It makes you believe you can change the world. You believe your words is the gospel of truth. Stop taking yourself seriously and waste your remaining weekend by dreaming of being someone you can never be — said the guy who never read an Economist. .