Introverts like black

On a sunny day, with happy faces around, you enter a big retail clothing store with interesting clothes and overly excited staff, and you end up buying a black shirt, a black jeans and almost paying for a nice black belt, even if you have a lot of those in your flourishingly black wardrobe. That is me, and to many others, specially who are introverts.

Black is our color. There is a strong coherence between personality and the color you like. While extroverts prefer light/cool colors like green, blue and grey, introverts are more into warm colors like Red and Black.

I always used to think, as to why is this the case. Does this convey that we are dark inside? I don’t think so even though the best superpower i wish for is to switch souls. If not, there has to be some relation between our expression of personality and the color, and the connection must happen in our sub-conscious mind. I can think of many.

Introverts are reserved. We consume a lot of information, without reacting much. In our childhood, we are bullied, without reacting to it. As we grow, we hear a lot of people talking about a variety of subject, and we don’t join because we are nervous. So there is a lot of information that goes inside and very less information that comes out. We see direct correspondence now. If light ray is information, and black color is us, we have connected the dots.

Black is a warm color. It has a serious connotation to it. No wonder it is all over business setting. Introverts are mostly serious with their life. This happens because of the time we spend introspecting (to cover the time we don’t use communicating), we have gone deeper into the thought tree. We just don’t have plan B. We also have thought about plan C,D,E. The randomness in life, the vulnerability of our future, and our awareness about it has made us more serious. Black is a serious color, thus we go together.

Black is a mysterious color. Think dark sunglasses and cars with tinted windows. Introverts are mysterious to the rest of the world, probably because we open up only to the handful few people who win our trust. I have been known to laugh for some reason, and not reveal it to my friend, because I thought that the reason does not qualify the laugh score of an extrovert. This and several other qualities of introvert, make us mysterious like black.

There must be many more ways black trigger an introvert’s neuron. Justifying this relation between the color and our personality, helps demystify our interaction with the rest of the things around. I strongly support my choice now, as I see the relation. Hopefully, when someone asks “what is your best color?”, you proudly say Black, if it is indeed black. This will fulfill the purpose of my first article.



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