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In part one of this series, I wrote about the Principles of design thinking. If you haven’t yet, you can read my first post here:

Every day we interact with thousands of objects. It will be a computer, coffee cup or mobile phone, etc. …

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Artificial Intelligence is a vast area of study. Even though most of its areas are still unknown, AI is pretty much applicable to many industries. Therefore, using the AI concepts in the designing world might actually be the next turning point in the industry.

How designing is applicable in AI

So, how this designing is applicable to AI? if you have ever wondered about it, it can be explained in such a manner. That, with the use of AI, a new set of rules are needed to be created and established between the product or the service and the customer. These will be based on what artificial intelligence can actually do for the product or the service. …

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“Artificial intelligence”–as though AI was going to work as some kind of magic-tech. A more useful way to think about AI — at least for the short-term — is “Augmented Intelligence.”

Artificial intelligence has become an exaggerated buzzword across many industries and the design. And the world is no exception. Today many industries are innovating to use AI technology. …


Harshani Chathurika

UI/UX Engineer | Student- University of Moratuwa|

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