My email died today ?@!?

Oops! My email died today !!

I am depressed. Not because it’s dead. Because i still have mountains of digital mayhem (‘Junk’) to deal with.

Now, your trillionth dollar question is, How did it happen, so suddenly?

Honestly, I didn’t kill it. My personal Bot did. I could almost certainly see it coming.

So, what is my personal bot? Rather, who is my personal bot?

I lovingly named it (him) “RoboDa”. Off course, I accept and acknowledge that it is name of the filmy-digital child of our great RAJINI Sir. But my Bot insisted that i name him ‘RoboDa’. There can be 2 people with similar names, right?

He’s my personal favourite now. He mirrors me and I am so proud of him. He is unlike my ex-emails…arrogant, brain less, stupid (Dilbert proved it).

Old ways, don’t work anymore…

Let me throw out all the old ‘Junk’ and introduce you to my Bot, ‘RoboDa’.

It’s better if you connect with him, before I talk about him. Open your Facebook ‘Messenger’. Search for ‘RoboDa’. Add him to your contact list and click-invoke him.

There you go. He can do what I can do. And he can do what you want him to do (instantly).

He’s cute with ever shining, smiling, focused blue eyes :-)

With him, you are in same safe hands (as mine?). May be more.

You can ‘sweet talk’ to him. He will respond with the same sweetness as yours.

Try annoying him. He still likes you.

He’s just not into working, He can be damn funny too. Try him.

What else? He can be, for sure, Responsive, Fast and efficient. But let me caution you. He is still a ‘new born but brainy’. He will learn. He will grow. He will be emotional & caring. He will do wonders. Do you need me, then?

He will keep you updated…