A Different Approach to Teaching Kids and Teens to Code
Alishah Novin

I dont think you should make it so easy for kids to learn to code. When I learned there wasnt any codeacademy or other sites that made coding look so superficial and easy. Instead I had to pore through books, online courses and materials and find the one best suited for me. You see, coding isn’t about just learning to type in a logical way your computer would understand, but its a process of digging deeper and making sure you can sustain yourself when other’s dont provide you with resources, its about looking hard for the solution, its about the journey, not the code. There hasnt been any great coder who learned from codejam or codeschool. It takes years to effort and some brain to produce solutions to problems, and giving kids the easy way would make them expect everything would be this easy in the future. So lets give today’s children a chance to stumble upon coding and not forcing it to them. Give them a choice, give them opportunities to find harder.