Simplifying App Development with ‘Drag-and-Drop’ using Neutrinos Platform!

Gone are the days when building applications, be it Hybrid Mobile Apps, Web Apps, or Native Apps, was a seemingly daunting task — one that required hiring a development firm or on boarding additional workforce capable of application development.

The demand today is for Multi-Experience Development and the ability to create consistent experiences across all digital touch points.

App development made easy:

Making it all possible today are MXDPs — Multi-Experience Development Platforms. These platforms help enterprises in low-code rapid application development using an array of advanced inbuilt tools and widgets to build enterprise-grade applications and get to market faster.

With tools like drag-and-drop builder and pre-built apps, development has never been easier. Here are some of the many benefits of low code platforms with drag-and-drop models:

  1. Easy to use: Mobile app development can happen in-house. Small businesses can use, customize and implement pre-designed templates with no special technical expertise. In the drag-and-drop method of development, pre-programmed modules can be added to the app with ease. These can be plugged in, moved around, or discarded with just a few clicks of a mouse.
  2. Cost effective and Increased productivity: With drag and drop, teams have higher productivity levels as they now have more time to focus on core business areas that require their attention. Additionally, this feature of MXDPs makes these platforms cost effective as well. How does drag-drop add this value?
  3. Reusable components: The Neutrinos MXDP offers two types of reusable components –
  • Widgets — These are elements of the Graphical UI or applications that provide specific information to the user, and/or enable specific user interactions. Widgets can be anything from a button or label to a search box, and these can be created using Plugins Manager.
  • Nodes — Server Services nodes (that runs on backend servers) and Client Services nodes (that run on devices like smartphones, laptops and devices)

4. Faster time to market: With robust and pre-tested reusable Widgets, MXDPs reduce testing efforts. This ensures only the core business logic that is written for a specific enterprise situation is to be tested. Testing efforts are further reduced as the number of bugs in the custom code that is written is minimal with drag and drop. This enables enterprises using Multi-experience Development platforms to get their applications to market faster.

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