Situation of seniors in Indian IT MNC

If you are senior (10+ years experience) having interest in technical skills and employed with Indian MNC then most likely you share the pain I go through.

You are expert, or considered, in technical skill you possess.

You may not be interested to go in management side of business but that’s the only visible career you see available.

If you are lucky then you are leading a team of 5–7 team members where your technical skills are valued a lot. And if you aren’t lucky then you are always made team member and pressured to be released as your team leader could not afford another senior in team due to senior junior ratio, and you are made to change team every year.

If you aren’t leader then it goes without saying that your promotion is not happening, and if you are leader then you are told to increase your team size multiple fold, which theoretically means you are not getting promoted.

You could not go for Onsite assignment because that also practically mean that you are playing individual role and promotion not happening.

It seems One have to be lucky to be in a big team, making good profits, and stick to it for longer for promotion.

Sorry, hard work counts but no promotions guaranteed, you have to be lucky it seems.

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