The Sunbird — Wilbur Smith : Review

Rating: 5/5

There are very few books that leave me wanting to quit midway, to scream and amazed and also push me into the depth of depression because its over. The Sunbird, suggested by my best friend years ago, is one of those very few books! I have no idea why it remained lost on my shelf for so long.

The first half is an interesting story of the archaeological discovery made in Africa. An ancient city. All the drama and the adventure involved till the ancient, once prosperous city is unearthed. We are left to wonder about the city amidst all the commotion happening between the characters. If this were standalone, I would rate it 3.5/5. Interesting read and kept me going through, though there were times when I just wanted to get done with it. I had also thought of getting onto another book. Yeah!

Then the Part-2 begins. I still am convinced to quit reading the book. I did take a break from the book for over 3 days. It seemed to move at a pace that was beyond me. I took the book today and slowly then all of a sudden the whole story blew me away. I finally ended up completing the remaining 350 pages in a day. 
The second part of the book narrates the lives and times of the now destroyed kingdom of Opet. The whole historical depictions and characters are beautifully brought into life by Wilbur Smith. The detailings are perfect. I would be lying if I were to say I didn’t feel all the emotions the author had intended to. There’s nothing much one can say about this book. It has to be read and experienced. In the end, it left me wanting for more.

I’m glad I stuck and didn’t quit(life lesson). I would’ve missed a gem otherwise. This was my first Wilbur Smith and definitely not the last. Also not my last reading of this book.