How Ulhasnagar celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi

Dhol is Mandatory

There’s always one person dancing in the middle of all the bandwalas keeping a 100 rupee note in his mouth.

Hilarious Group Names

Don’t be surprised if you find a group named Gol Maidan ka Bahubali or Ulhasnagar 5 ke Devils. And yes obviously how can they not publicize their group names? So then you can find their billboard with all the group members in it on every street.

Weird Chants

Make sure to carry anti-laughter pills this year. Because something like this Ulhasnagar mai machayega khalbali, ganpati is my bahubali or even more weirder can definitely come your way.

Memorable Nightouts

If you know what I mean by memorable ;)

Customized T-shirts

No matter how weird the group name is, all group members have to look alike on the first or visarjan day.

4 AM Dal Pakwan

Sanam chai or 17 section’s dal pakwan. If you don’t have any of these two then your so called “nightout” is incomplete.

Group Tashans

Yes that happens! Remember that scene from the movie Dhol?

Not so good bye

That emotional Visarjan moment.

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