Reactions/Questions of people when you say “I am from Ulhasnagar”

Life is usually tough for working professionals/students of beyond Kalyan areas since you have to travel a lot for work/study purposes. But people specifically from Ulhasnagar are used to hearing the questions or facing the expressions which are listed below:

What? Really????

That ever so annoying surprised reaction!

How do you travel that far?

Well all the citizens of Ulhasnagar have their own jet-packs so they don’t even need to take their cars/bikes along 😏

You must be kidding!

Yeah making idiots laugh is my part time job 😜

Don’t you plan to relocate?

No matter how fed up you are with your city but you just don’t want to leave it. PS: #GolMaidanForever

Is this place in Mumbai?

No actually there is a new planet introduced replacing Pluto called “Ulhasnagar”

This comes in harbour side, right?

After listening to this question even Alia Bhatt would be like:

When are you getting “Dal Pakwan” for us?

Papads and Pakwans cannot be carried along in such a comfortable journey of Mumbai locals. Crushed papads/pakwans anyone?

Why aren’t you a businessman?

Working professionals also exist in our city. How about funding for my startup since you are unhappy with what I do?

Think I missed anything? Let me know in the comments section :-D

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