One of the key features of n8n is the ability to use Trigger nodes. Trigger nodes are special nodes that listen for events and then start a workflow. For example, you can build a workflow using the ClickUp Trigger node and a Google Sheets node. Whenever a new task gets created in ClickUp, the workflow would execute, and the data gets added to the Google Sheet. This makes Trigger nodes extremely useful, as you can monitor events across different services using them.

Creating triggers for n8n workflows using polling

Once you start using several of these different Trigger nodes, you wonder what happens when you want to…

It has been more than two years since I have been involved in the community as an organizer. My journey started as a GitHub Campus Expert. My love for privacy and the open internet helped me become a Mozilla Representative, and I am now an Auth0 Ambassador too. This journey is teaching me new skills and pushes me to do better. This is the aim I have for the community as well. Every member should get the opportunity to grow, showcase their skills, and achieve their goals.

Migrating Community Metrics to Orbit using n8n

To know what everyone was up to, I started keeping records of the…

I tried various ways in the past to keep a record of my expenses. It started with maintaining a record in a book. But this wasn’t an ideal solution and involved manual work. I tried using everyone’s favorite — spreadsheets, but it failed me. I still had to manually enter the information of my expenses. I also tried various apps, but none of them catered to my needs. They all lacked the option to customize the way I wanted to upload the information.

Building an expense tracking app in 10 minutes

I built an app!

I came across the article Automatically Adding Expense Receipts to Google Sheets with Telegram, Mindee, Twilio, and…

Keeping your customers updated is one of the key ingredients of a successful business. This can be done in various ways; one of the most popular is through SMS messages.

It’s often thought that there is no easy way to quickly send SMS messages to thousands of your users without writing code if their information is stored in a database like MongoDB, Postgres, or even Airtable.

Sending SMS the Low-Code Way with Airtable, Twilio Programmable SMS, and n8n

But what if there is a solution that makes the process very easy? Even if you’re not a developer you can quickly get started with this solution with just a few clicks!

Low code…

The steam engine and electrification revolutionized entire sectors of the economy from the 18th century onward. Modern technologies, particularly automation, are beginning to dramatically alter today’s industries. Automation in industries has resulted in higher productivity, better quality of products, and a safer workplace.

Continuously monitoring machines’ health results in effective and efficient maintenance. Real-time monitoring can also help with predictive maintenance. Why have humans continuously monitor the health of machines when we can use an automated system? These automated systems monitor the machines’ health and also warns the staff when incidents are about to take place, even before they happen.

Smart factory automation using IoT and sensor data with n8n

People are the heart of a community. Celebrating their contributions is a way to show them that we value them and appreciate all their hard work. We can give them a shoutout in our community’s Slack workspace and also in our newsletters. And what could be a better way to appreciate their work by sending them some cool swag! Motivated by this idea, I created a workflow with n8n, which gives us the contributors’ GitHub information in the Slack workspace.

Giving kudos to contributors with GitHub, Slack, and n8n

We will accomplish this through these four nodes:

  1. Webhook node — Triggers the workflow when the slash command is issued

Google Developer Groups (GDG) is a program by Google Developers, to build and grow communities all around the world. Every year, all the GDG chapters, organize DevFest. It is a festival for developers, where everyone, be it a beginner or an expert, come together and celebrate technology.

GDG Ranchi, hosted their first DevFest on 22nd of September, 2019. Although it was their first conference at such a scale, they didn’t make it feel like it. The arrangements that GDG Ranchi made, and the hospitality that they provided were simply amazing.

DevFest Ranchi Poster
DevFest Ranchi Poster
DevFest Ranchi

My talk titled “Let’s make the Web Accessible” was selected…

This is the story of how two Student Community Leaders came together to successfully organize the very first Flutter Bootcamp, in Vadodara.

20th April, 2019, we organized an Open Source Festival, to help a fellow student developer community. During this event I met Ayush Bherwani, a fellow Developer Student Club(DSC) Lead for Parul University. Ayush and I knew each other for quite sometime now, and we usually shared our community tales with each other.

During the networking hours, Ayush told me that he wanted to start a community focused on Flutter, in our city, Vadodara, since a few students were…

Mozilla’s India Policy Head, Amba Kak and the International Policy Head, Jochai Ben-Avie came to Ahmedabad to meet and discuss the current state of Tech Policy in India and Internet Health with the Mozilla Gujarat Community.

This meetup was arranged on 13th of July, 2019 at the amazing DevX office.

I with other volunteers from Vadodara, traveled to Ahmedabad to attend the meetup. We caught an early train to Ahmedabad, to make sure we could be on time. The train journey in itself was full of discussion on data privacy, security and our future goals as a community.

We headed…

Photo by Jason Dent on Unsplash

In the month of January Mozilla India started a month long campaign to spread awareness about privacy, and shared various tips to stay safe online.

This is a curated list of all the tweets by Mozilla India for the campaign.

Tip 1: While registering for a website use email like it will send emails to your inbox but will tell you which website shared your data.

Tip 2: Wondering whether your personal data is for sale on the web? Firefox Monitor helps you check your email addresses and usernames against lists from 120 known breaches

Tip 3…

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