Indian Denims — A Democracy in Fashion

In the history of apparel textiles, no other product had created such excitement and wonder the way it had been done by the “Blue Denims & Jeans”. The scientists, technologists, designers, entrepreneurs including brand makers and retailers over the last century have been putting their minds and thoughts together to appreciate and explore the mystique of this fascinating product. Denims,in spite of being introduced, nourished and nurtured over the ages by the Americans, eventually have become a highly adored & coveted global product. Raw materials, yarns, weaving technology, supply chain, brands and retail segments have been reflecting and responding to the changes in consumer behaviour. India too, in quest of participating productively in the international trade of processed textiles adopted the path of large scale Denim manufacturing as one of its primary vehicle.

The year 2008 saw a major global economic depression, followed by an unprecedented hike in cotton price in 2011 and both
together adversely affecting the global textile industry. Interestingly, even in this turbulent period, India had a remarkable growth in the production capacities of denims. India having a capacity of 650 mn meters in 2009 has already reached 1.2 billion meters today and offers a substantial opportunity in both Domestic & International market. This huge growth has been able to attract quite a few established international brands and retail players to establish their presence in India.

Some of the recent International exhibitions confirmed renewed thrust in Denims by taking into considerations the fashion, trends beyond cotton, enhanced use of stretch yarns, super stretch, Knitted denims, re-entry of pure and dark blues, indigo shirting’s and tops, coated and functional denims, recycled products and finally “sustainability” on the top to cater to global brands. India has not lagged behind and is well poised for a major leap taking advantage of the enhanced consumerism & favourable raw material scenario in the country. In spite of the massive growth in the country, Indian jeans are still in the adolescence. The performance in the International markets both for Indian Denims & Jeans are yet to reach a desirable level. Newer manufacturing technology, novel dyes and chemicals for sustainable productions, Innovation in garment washing and finishing as well as growing fashion needs of brand makers and retailers have made the Industry interaction with the International Denim & Jeans community, a must to define the directions and the developmental needs.

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