So close yet so far

Coldplay, my absolute favourite band is here in my country performing as I write this. They’re here as part of the Global Citizen India tour. You must be thinking why on earth isn’t she at the concert. Well, let me explain.

Ever since I heard they were coming to India I was super excited and I told a bunch of my Coldplay fan friends about it. We were so pumped, we had even picked our Coldplay T-shirts to go. But all this excitement and energy came crashing down the moment they announced the venue. The concert was to happen in Mumbai which is about 1000 km from Bangalore, the city I live in. Our parents would never allow us to go so far just for a concert.

What was “just” a concert for them meant the world to me. The first Coldplay song I heard was Yellow from their album Parachutes. The song immediately moved me with its breathtaking guitar tone and of course the brilliant vocals by Chris Martin. From that day on I’ve listened every lovely piece of music the band has ever made. Not only that, their music gives out so many emotions that words can’t describe and there’s not been a single day that I’ve gone to bed without listening to one their tracks.

Seeing them live has always been a dream. Every time they announced a tour, I’d eagerly look up the list only to be disappointed that India wasn’t on it. But this time even though they’re here, I can’t go. It’s upsetting and my heart aches just at the thought of this awful predicament I am in, which ironically I’m sure only a Coldplay song can fix.

I know you’re thinking that I’m just facing a major FOMO right now. That is partially true and not, its complicated. My Twitter and Instagram feed flowing with posts on the concert. This is just the external cause for me feeling this way. But I’m also feeling unhappy from within because hey, it’s Coldplay. Being at their concert would be an adventure of a lifetime for a fan like me who has gotten lost staring at their posters on the wall, listened to every single one of their tracks a million times until each background sound is familiar and to get to a venue full of like minded people — it would be an entirely surreal experience. So, yeah FOMO is not just it, its more than that. Its a need for that wonderful memory to be created and cherished for a lifetime. After all, YOLO.

As I type these words, Chris Martin’s singing “Everything you want is just a dream away” into my ears. So I’m going to continue dreaming of attending a Coldplay concert and hopefully it comes true one day. So for now, I’m just going to watch the live telecast on Vh1, until that glorious day comes by.

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