Beyond Imagination

Futuristic is the new buzz word. Anything we design is futuristic. Very Modern? But are we not bounded by technology ? Just about yesterday when I saw an innovation video, where in people could have microwave like devices to grow vegetables in the kitchen.

We studied Interaction Design Beyond Screens this semester. Our brief was to come up with design solutions for people which did not involve interacting with screens in any form. So basically, come up with a way to make social interactions without Facebook, Tinder, hangouts etc like platforms.

Beyond Screens was not so beyond our Imaginations. Beyond screens was about how we visualize the world and our vicinity in the years to come, similar to what we see now or a tad bit different?

When I walk the streets of our hometown with my grandfather, I see him meeting a known person every second step we take. When I walk the streets alone, I know most of the handsets people on the road are using. After scrolling through Facebook for a while, I see a lot of activity happening, but all on a cloud. And I was questioned, is this what is really futuristic or is what you try to build.

What we as designers try to do is not what is expected of us, but what is required of us. I started a project last semester with the thought that I will not bombard another app in a smart phone. The thought of knowing people only virtually, errands being run on a tap on the phone, or even the docs seeing you over facetime is spine chilling. The Beyond Screens revolution is very much needed, else we all will be virtualized beyond imagination.