Future is not far away

Today afternoon, we got into an intense discussion in the classroom over our role as the Youth and future of India.

It really got me thinking. A few times over the last 2 years, I had discussions about settling abroad with close friends. The only rational behind my point of staying back in India was staying close to family and not favoring any form of documentation to be able to visit them. I never thought of the shape India was taking slowly as the reason to run away.

Yes, the condition is pretty unpleasant. The past and current decision makers have left us in filth and mess. The state of everything is so adverse that it would take a hell lot of time to be back to ‘normal’. And things are so screwed up that even that term ‘normal’ can be controversial and perceptual.

As we went ahead with the discussion, our facilitator showed us how we, the youth, are one ray of hope for India. And we were asked what we would do to make the scenario better on a personal level.

As per my understanding of today’s situation, the only hope I see is education.

NO! Not the CBSE> ICSE> IIT>MIT>Harvard>Settle Abroad>post-blogs-about-how-we-need-to-bring-about-change Education.

Teaching people not to spit/litter on the roads Education. Teaching people not to throw garbage in front of neighbor’s door Education. Teaching people to follow the rules Education. Teaching people to consider the consequences before acting impulsively education. Teaching people to care for others Education.

It all starts at a micro level. Me. You. Your Friend. My friend. Your gym instructor. My cleaner. The Vegetable Vendor. The millionaire who lives upstairs. Everyone has to give individual efforts. No, it won’t happen in a day. Yes, it will take almost a decade. But at least after a decade we won’t still be saying the same things as today. At least, the then Youth will not have to say the decision makers left us in deep shit. Future is not far away.