The Art of Deadlines

Since some years now, after moments of procrastination, self-doubts, months of I-don’t-have-the-time excuse, what-will-I-write-justifications, and N number of other great mitigation, I started a blog today. Why? Because we had a deadline of midnight.

I accept that this is not a smart thing. But I have a rational behind this habit.

Since the time we were consciously taking care of our studies, we were told do the homework ‘or’ the teacher will punish you in class; Complete your syllabus ‘or’ you will fail the exam. The whole system of instilling fear to get a task completed from a child, programs the brain only to work when there is pressure lurking over the head. In short, not until the time is on your head or you are neck deep in water.

Please do not mistake that I am blaming someone else for my ‘ho jayega’ attitude. This was just one of the many reasons I have discovered behind the thinking of a laid back person. Having read a lot about procrastination, and the theory of the mind, I know the distractions are the primary reason behind the whole deal of not sticking to deadlines.

Deadlines make our mind calculate the time required to finish a task vs time we can chill around. With the progress of chilling around, we are distracted enough to not think about the ‘time required to finish a task’ and bam! We compromise on the quality and quantity of task. This sure affects the personal and professional performance. We need to understand the art of deadlines, to balance the work and play. We need to learn to give ourselves nudges enough to come up with the best possible work in the time allotted.

A year and half in college, for something I love to do, I have come to realize that the only distraction is time. I think I have time. To work, to sleep, to play, to chill around. And the calculations are all over the place. The art of deadlines is ‘not’ thinking you have time. I certainly hope to attain that level of inner peace one fine day.