Open Source needs more women-WoMoz to the Rescue

Women in Mozilla
Oct 10 · 2 min read
Recruitment Interview of Womoz Team

Women in Mozilla-WoMoz is an organization under Mozilla Community to push women to contribute more to Open Source technologies.A campus club for the same has been found in KIIT University.

The recruitment included Girls from all years of college and from various departments-CSE,CSCE,CSSE,EEE,ETC,MECH,CIVIL.The recruitment was done for the posts:

  • UX/UI Designer
  • Content Writer
  • Graphic Designer/Photography
  • Machine Learning/Data Science
  • Online/Offline Marketing
  • Web /App Development
  • Ethical Hacking/IOT

It was a great experience to know the strength of our upcoming team’s knowledge.We got to know where we needed to improve and where we are strong.All of this was possible with the help of our Mozilla Club Members.

We all got really very motivated and ambitious at the end of the day to push more women in the Open Source Tech.

-Harshita Arya

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