From groceries to furniture to pet care, no matter what the item, as those who exist in the generation of the internet it’s become almost natural for us to purchase some or all of these items on an online shopping platform. We say goodbye to the bygone era of the yesteryears where purchasing an item required one to go to a physical store, and with new technologies changing the digital shopping experience, consumer purchase behavior has also undergone extensive modification.

Let’s talk evolution

Bezos opened, named after the wide-reaching South American river, on July 16, 1995. If you look closely, the Slogan…

Why do people shop online?

It can be answered with one-word ease.

Why ease?

Assume you need a Microwave.

Maybe you don’t know which electronic store will give you the best offers or the nearest electronics store is very far away or you don’t have enough time as you have to prepare for an important meeting, I can list down 10 more reasons why you would buy online but common theme in all of those reasons will be

  1. Saving Time
  2. Solving the age-old shopper dilemma if I am buying the right thing at the right price.

But is online shopping a better buying experience compared to shopping in a brick and mortar store?

Brick and mortar stores can never solve the above problems but…

Homes in which nearly everything — lights, appliances, cooling/heating systems, electric sockets, locks, security equipments are connected to a remotely controlled network is described as Home Automation.

Home automation is a step towards “Internet of Things,” in which everything has an assigned IP address. And devices can be monitored and accessed remotely.

How IoT works?

An IoT framework comprises of devices which converse with the cloud through some sort of connectivity. Once the information gets to the cloud, software processes it and performs an action, such as sending an alert or adjusting the device properties.

How Home Automation works

IoT system comprises of devices, connectivity, software, and…

It is always easier and cheaper to persuade past customers to purchase again than to find new ones. You know them, and if you sell quality products then convincing them to buyback is a lot easier as you’ve already established your value with them.

Why Reorder?

The dental e-commerce I worked for had 60% returning customers and dentists need to buy certain perishable products every month. And to make life easier for returning customers. Reorder was the solution.

How does it work?

Giving the user power to repeat a purchase.

Two of the most important characteristics of good design are discoverability and understanding.

I identified two…

Amazon’s Product Listing Page

“If you do an experiment and it gives you what you did not expect, it is a discovery.”

Martin Chalfie

I was tasked to redesign the product listing page for a B2B Dental Products e-commerce company for dentists(user). I checked other top e-commerce websites and one thing was common in all of those. The product listing page had no add to cart button below the listed items but on the website I was redesigning there were.

Which is the most important e-commerce page? Is it the home page, listing page, product page, cart or checkout? Well, to be fair combination of all these pages make a successful e-commerce app.
But in this capitalist world, moneymaking is the most important and checkout is the moneymaking page and here we do not want to leave customers with a sour taste in their mouth.

Checkout is essentially a two step process:
1. Where to deliver product (name, address)
2. Payment Details.

With the above information, we can deliver the product. However, as a User Experience Designer, we wish to…

Harshit Chaturvedi

Product Designer. Worked in eCommerce and VR/AR Startup. Sports and Movies Enthusiast.

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