Taking a Stroll

Just yesterday, my mom dropped me off to a math class. Right now, it’s spring break, so most places don’t have classes around this time. I don’t know what we were thinking, but my mom took me and dropped me off at the class. Just like every time we go, my mom drops me off, waits a few seconds, and then leaves. Today, my mom had a meeting to attend, so she dropped me off and left. To my dismay, there was a plastic bag covering the door, and the classroom was closed with nobody there. So, I quickly ran to the parking lot, where my mom was leaving out of, but it was too late. She had left. The best part of this whole situation was that my phone had died so I had no way of calling her to come back, OR check my Facebook. Now I had two options, stay there and waiting till my class was “over”, or I could walk home.

So I took option two, walking home. My house is only 25 or so minutes away walking, so it wasn’t too bad. I walked back on the same path that my mom takes to drive me there, so I knew the area really well, or so I thought. At first I really thought that this was gonna suck, because I was going to have to walk in the blazing hot sun for almost half an hour, with nothing to do. I had no phone, which meant I was disconnected from the whole world for a good 30 minutes. I couldn’t even listen to music!! Luckily I dodged a bullet. There was no big and crazy thing that happened on social media that I missed out on, so that was good. But seriously, I didn’t know how I was going to survive this perilous journey of mine.

I took off on this expedition by crossing the main road. It was about 4:30, and the sun was beating down on me hard. I turned left to see all of the car drivers staring at me, wanting me to quickly cross so that they could get home. I quickly crossed the road, in order to avoid being “accidentally” run over by a car. Now came the long haul. A straight road that went for a good 25 miles. I was entering the Sahara Desert, a place of no end. Or at least thats what it felt like.

What happened next, really shocked me. I was a 16 year old boy, without technology, needing to walk a 25 minute distance under the blazing hot sun. I honestly thought that I wasn’t going to make it, but what I came to was a paradigm shift. As I walked down this path, everything looked different. These houses that I went by everyday looked so different. You think that you know a place well, by going by it numerous times, but really you don’t. Seeing things from a car was a lot different than seeing it in real life. You don’t notice the small things that really make these things beautiful. I always drive by this plain old house every time I drive there, but what I never noticed was that there was this beautiful patch or lilacs in the side of the yard. I was always too busy liking photos on Instagram or replying to someone’s Snapchat to pay any attention.

The walk back wasn’t too bad. After thinking about it, it wasn’t too hot, and there was a nice breeze going, so it felt kinda nice. It was also pretty refreshing to walk home by myself. Just a few minutes to myself and my thoughts. When I came back home, I felt that I was a lot more refreshed, ready to continue with the day. It kinda got me out of that lethargic and lazy mood that I was in.

“I think its important to find the little things in everyday life that make you happy” ~ Paula Cole

But what does this whole thing mean to you? What can you gain out of my story (or struggle) of walking maybe three quarters of a mile home? As the next generation, most of the time that we aren’t doing work, and have free time, we tend to spend it on our phones or tablets or computers. Whether that means surfing the web, reading news and gossip, or liking things. I was put in this situation where I didn’t have any of these things, and it was great. What we begin to lose, is the beauty of our surrounding, our neighborhood, of human life. There are so many of the small things in life we miss, because we aren’t paying attention. Its when we can truly appreciate the small things around us, we can enjoy life.

I am not saying to go and throw away your phone now, but to just take a stroll. Who knows maybe you’ll find something amazing!

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