Small is beautiful small is danger.

Small small things build our future. We actually can’t see it but it really matters. Today in a fast changing world we don’t give importance to small things to grab big. So today I would write few small things which can be promoted also few small things which can be avoided.


  • Serve water first anyone who visit at your office or home.
  • At least call one person in your family a day without any reason.
  • In dining table before you have your food serve others.
  • Before you leave the home for office take blessings of your parents.
  • Don’t give advice just motivate.
  • Even if you are AVP or director say hello to your watchman.
  • Pray to God just 2minutes and say thank you for everything you have right now.
  • Sit 5 minutes without any work let your mind stop thinking.


  • Don’t eat too fast. Slow eating keeps you healthy.
  • Break routine. That helps you to think out of box
  • If you don’t like something tell your husband or wife now. Don’t taunt her/him later.
  • Don’t plan too much.
  • Ignore small mistake of others in day to day routine.

I always believe big is follower of small….. Hence I always believe small positive change in your life make you big.