Integrating External Microphone with Python

Hi all! Since I had been working on Audio Analytics and recognition for some time now, I would like to share some basics about integration of external microphone arrays (usually USB) with your computer.

Basic Installations

You have a lot if options to work with but the library I used was pyAudio. You can install it with the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install python-pyaudio

Know your microphone array!

The inputs from microphones are digitally quantized by an analog to digital converters. Know the resolution of your ADC. In my case it was an 8-bit ADC.

Getting Started with your code

  1. Importing libraries, wave for saving the audio if you want to:

import pyaudio 
import wave

2. Defining the basic parameters based of the characteristics of your microphone and your ADC:

CHUNK = 256 #ADC information [8 bit = 2⁸ steps]
FORMAT = pyaudio.paInt16 # 16 bit encoding
RATE = 44100 #sample rate

3. Define an audio object and an input stream for the same

p = pyaudio.PyAudio()

stream =,
frames_per_buffer=CHUNK) #buffer

4. Read the input clip for a specified duration of time

print(“* recording”)

frames = []

for i in range(0, int(RATE / CHUNK * RECORD_SECONDS)):
data =
frames.append(data) # 2 bytes(16 bits) per channel

print(“* done recording”)

5. Close/ Stop the stream


6. Save the clip

wf =, ‘wb’)

Furthering the Code

This brings us to the end of the basics about the interfacing. But you can search about other aspects and extensions regarding audio processing. A demo neural network is available in tensorflow on the official website wherein you can have a model for speech recognition and accordingly train various keywords to trigger specific actions. You can use this code to break the input in the intervals of 5 seconds and have analysis on that under a while loop which keeps on running until the end of the clip or till the termination of the live source.

Until next time!

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