Do you have any dreams? Do you also end up in getting entangled in the web of those thoughts? The thoughts that are comes to your mind whenever you see or listen to any successful person? A young CEO running billion dollar startup or, a person who got famous by his hard work and earning handsome amount of money, enough to live in a luxurious house and more than enough to buy ostentatious cars and other attention-seeking stuff.

I end up in daydreaming way too often. I don’t know, why? I know my dreams are important for me. I do realize I have goals to achieve but is daydreaming bad? What do you think?

Kalam sir said, “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.”. I know this. I understand this. I am not at all denying this. It’s just that sometimes when I am tired and have no strength left, I end up in dreaming. I end up in envisaging a life where I have become fully-realized. A life in which I have got whatever I always wanted and have achieved everything I want to. Once, I am back I realize it motivates me to struggle more, do as much as I can to reach that point.

I realize, being lost in reverie is not a bad thing unless you know how to use it as a source of motivation. Don’t just get lost into the abyss. Always remember, you have to come out of it and make it happen.