Yah, I Am A Sell Out, And I Love It

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The Good Fight

For a number of years I fought the good fight. The same fight that rings in college classrooms and protests in the streets. The call to justice and standing up for the little man is what I incorporated in my career and daily life.

Regardless of the fact that I lived paycheck to paycheck or carried a few thousand dollars of credit card debt, it supposedly felt good right? Or does it only feel good cause people around you are on the same mission? The mission to change the world is a strong bond especially among those who are in the same socioeconomic status as you are.

What is really going on?

While there are those who do have good intentions to actually bring change to the world, I noticed that is not the case for everyone. People want others they know to simply stay in the same level as they are. Otherwise they will feel inferior. It is natural to want others to be in the same position as one is cause no one wants to be sad all alone. Therefore, many make it a moral notion and obligation to fight against those who have more because somehow it is magically known that those who are more lucky as they say only got to where they are at through evil means……… lol

Life Has Completely Changed

I decided to quit this mission the second I realized that those around me who were in the good fight were in many times simply unhappy and broke. So yah I sold out and it has been great. Not worrying about bills, money to save, and not living paycheck to paycheck is an evil thing supposedly…. Then I guess I must be evil. But at least I don’t live in a delusion.




Truths from former poor kid to six figure man

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Harsh Realities

Harsh Realities

Truths from former poor kid to six figure man

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