Siddhant Srivastav
Apr 11 · 2 min read

Do you have a pet? If not, you must have observed the daily routine of that of a dog, right? What does a dog do from the start of the day to the last thing it sees before closing its eyes at night? Well, one thing that you must be wondering is that what the hell is this article about? Productivity of a dog's schedule? Which exactly is my point here.
Now imagine yourself on a day when you've done nothing. Slept 18 hours a day, ate and did absolutely nothing. See the analogy?
The immediate next thing that'll come to your mind is, how preposterous is comparing myself to a dog! Well, hold on, listen up.

A dog’s brain is like that piece of cardboard box that we use to run big algorithms and do complex computations. Exactly, We don’t. While a human brain is like that i7 laptop with SSD, won’t say supercomputer because zyada ni udna chahiye. And not using an i7 PC isn’t royalty, rather I feel its a waste of Spiderman’s powers. The motivation behind this article is that I saw people in my college following some similar timeline which brings them back to their hostel rooms and say "it’s not worth it". One thing we often forget today is the capabilities of that of a human being and what makes us humans.

Take a little tour with yourself and imagine yourself when you were in 5th standard or so. Imagine being in the free classroom of your school or in the playground when you felt, happy. Now ask that little self, a small question, how did you see yourself by the time you were in college? That would pretty much bring a lot of emotions and at the same time, answer all your questions and concerns you're having these days in college. If you didn't see yourself in such a good place, well, you are, and you'd be very happy to tell that boy/girl in the 5th standard that even though you didn't believe in yourself, you did great! And if you did believe in yourself, then people, apna time aa gya, whatever you believed in, it has come true.

Now standing here, having experienced that joy of gratitude, look forward, how do you want the future 27-year-old to feel when he/she looks back to the person reading this article. I won’t ask you to learn a new skill or start your own business because, at this point, you’d yourself have this urge to do something, you’d now know what to feel when you wake up in the morning and what to say to yourself when you reach your hostel room. And that’s what matters, doing something, anything. Because one thing I know for sure, wherever any person is there in their lives, it’s worth something, you must feel that too by now. And if not, you already know the analogy from the start of the article.

    Siddhant Srivastav

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