Dear Ann Ma’am

Thank you for taking me on A Personal Voyage, across Spacetime Odyssey and visit Possible Worlds.

Thank you for telling me the grandest story ever known to Human kind and also making us aware of our roles in it. If I were to describe your contribution, the words might fail me simply because it cannot be put into words

I sometimes imagine having imaginary conversation with Dr.Carl Sagan inside my head about what I would have asked him, how would I have thanked him . I know what I would have said, “I didn’t loose hope Sir…

Beneath the clock of starry night sits a juvenile, filled with curiosity and courage. His eyes cluttered with a sense of amaze and and bewilderment as he glances the twinkling balls of fire in sky.

“Who created all of that?” asked the 5 year old.

“The stars?” his father asked in return.

“Yes, and where did I come from, and who were the parents of your parents and who were their parents? Where did all of what I see come from, what was before all this existed and so on.”

“Well God created all of that” answered his father, “me…

Thy mystic eyes are like a canvas lying in wait for only of the brightest colors of tradition ever to get divined.Thy soul, so pure unleashed from the heavens, gilded by the marvelous marbles of wraith and intimacy from the treasures of Cupid. Oh I smell the unearthly fragrance, the scent Dionysus craves for, the scent deer pants for. The more I try to escape the more I loose myself within the limbo of your eyes.

-Harshul Gupta

Deep within hearts of hearts, somewhere in the dank whirlpool of emotions there lies a chest filled with emptiness.

Emptiness so immense and so dense it feels as if it can’t get heavier but it is a dreadful void. A void terribly titanic and cruel. It stays in ambush to wait for the ark of dreams and desires to sail over so that it can suck it in great black depths where its wreck will rot till eternity.

Knowing the deeper I get the heavier I will feel. Also I might never make it to surface. But I need to…

Today, as usual I woke up at a quarter past five by traumatizing croak of my alarm. Conventionally it takes me another quarter to regain my senses and to come out of insensibility but this time I wasn’t questioning my existence into this unfathomable world. This morning was a bit different.

This time I didn’t hear chirping of Myna birds in our backyard but it was the sound of mystic drops drizzling from the sky. This time no thoughts knocked my mind since anyhow I had to get ready in another hour to catch my college bus which was more…

Carl Sagan believed “Every one of us is in the cosmic perspective precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live in a hundred billion Galaxies, you will not find another.” So do I.

Obliviously we take ourselves too seriously. Not realizing we are born of the cosmic dust, the elements which came out of a dying star probably millions or even billions of years ago. We are orbiting an average star which in turn orbits around the centre of our galaxy with millions of others. Still we give our emotions the uttermost value.

Entangled in our problems we…

Harshul Gupta

You can't leave footprints in the sands of time while sitting down.

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