Is Nainital dead?
Aishwarya Kandpal

Very informative article! :)

We should also acknowledge the fact that it was this very discovery of Nainital and its subsequent glorification which provides till date the largest revenue to its people. Tourism industry in Nainital (both organised and un-organised) is as old as the town. Undoubtedly it was the only reason to lure rustics from nearby villages as well. “Khaan-shyaamas” or the elegant cook, used to swarm in Nainital, to serve at hotels and restaurants from remote places like Ratighaat, Binsar and Betalghaat. So used to be the “boat-waalas”. Luckily, (with respect to the people involved in tourism) the season for marginal revenue is now round the year, which earlier used to be restricted to summers and a bit towards the New year’s eve- and therefore a relatively stable income. As a fortunate kid whose parents were not at all affected by tourism, i never experienced the “multiplier effect”, but a friend’s traveling agency had to be whined up during one such lame season. Again the construction of buildings/apartments, be it at Pine Gardens atop Birla hills, Pine Groves on the same side or Naini Retreat Apartments in the Ayarpata belt, all have provided employment not just to the locals but also to Nepalese who have developed belongingness to this place and earned trust by the people. Nainital had to undergone this transformation and “commercialisation”! The more it underwent such change, the more prosperous were its citizens-not just the owners but also those at the bottom of economic pyramid. However, the environmental threats that have built up to this date have not been addressed with the same pace of development. I totally negate that no work has been done on that front, but more needs to be done. The generation above ours need to proactively keep alive the stories of the town and thus make the new ones a part of the rich legacy- this transition is of quintessential priority-of course disruptions would be there, but like you mentioned until the essence of the “angrezi charm” is visible, things would work really well.


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