Censorship and Video Platforms

In the time of pandemic, YouTube reportedly censored videos on the topic of novel corona virus. Censored means YouTube removed many videos and also demonetized some channels! In response company says they fall under “sensitive topics”.

Censoring the content related to novel corona virus is the latest example. But YouTube is also censoring channels related to LGBT, Cryptocurrencies, Sports Fantasy, Political Channels and many…

Have a look at these tweet:

And saying “sorry” for removing and demonetizing is more shameful for YouTube.

[Excerpt translation provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre]

“Youtube says it’s “sorry” for “yellow marker” as coronavirus situation is categorized as “sensitive topic”; Youtuber: there is pressure from international institutions”, 4 March 2020

What is LBRY?

LBRY, pronounced as Library.

Before going forward, have a look at these tweets:

In one line, LBRY = Content Freedom.

LBRY is a new Blockchain-based, open source platform for sharing digital content. It is gaining popularity as a decentralized alternative to YouTube but LBRY is more than just a video sharing service.

LBRY is a new protocol which is a peer to peer, decentralized file sharing and payment network secured by blockchain technology. Anyone can build apps on top of LBRY protocol that interact with digital content on the LBRY network. But these technical stuff is for developers.

As a user you can use LBRY platform for watching videos, listening to music and reading eBooks.

As a content creator, you can use LBRY to share your digital content like video, music, images, podcasts, eBooks etc.

Unlike YouTube, your activities are not tracked to serve you ads. In fact, LBRY is ad free. If you are logged into the network, you won’t see any ads anywhere on its website.

Not Censored ≠ No Copyrights

LBRY is decentralized, not censored; but it doesn't mean that you can post someone else’s content as yours. There are copyright laws. Your account will probably be terminated if you do so.

Real-time Monetization!!!

As a creator, you want to support your channel as well as monetize your content. But, with YouTube you need to fulfill some criteria to monetize your content. It’s not the same with LBRY. Your content gets “tips” from the viewers, as well as “content view rewards” based on your content quality. In the form of LBC or LBRY Credits. Directly into your wallet!!!

You can use those LBC to rank your content higher than others by “support” feature.

Already On YouTube?

If you are a YT creator, you can sync your channel to LBRY network in just one click. All your content and subscribers will reflect on your LBRY channel.

Additionally, you get monthly “rewards” according to your number of followers/subscribers.

What are you waiting for??? Join LBRY and feel the content freedom like never before.

Here’s my referral link: https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@Harshvardhan_Shah:d

Thanks LBRY.



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