Ever wonder which type of the stores are on Shopify platform? What they are selling? Its interesting data to view? We have answers! We scraped all .myshopify.com domains and here are the results.

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We scraped all MyShopify Domains

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There are few Shopify apps that do a great job providing “You are X amount away from free shipping”, but in case you don't want to install another app, there is a way of adding a small snippet of javascript that will do the same thing.

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Most of the themes have the onCartUpdate event that will trigger some actions on the javascript side to update some parts of a page (eg cart counter).
This can be found at Assets folder in your Shopify theme.
Open file ajax-cart.js.liquid or similiar (main.js.liquid) and search for function onCartUpdate. Found it? Great!

Let’s create our function which will be called on onCartUpdate



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