We scraped all Shopify domains and here are the results…

Ever wonder which type of the stores are on Shopify platform? What they are selling? Its interesting data to view? We have answers! We scraped all .myshopify.com domains and here are the results.

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We scraped all MyShopify Domains

At Hartt Media, we do a lot of things. From providing private app development, design, migrations, and support. Recently we started with building our in-house ML apps and big data services.
The first usage of our big data service was getting all .myshopify.com domains and scrape their content so we can analyze it and see interesting key points.
After a few months, we have now a good amount of data for reports.
Here are some of them:


As a starter, we can get which domains are popular among Shopify stores.
Here are top 5

It’s not a surprise to see .com as the main leader, but an interesting point is that .shop and .store are not in top 5. Instead, they are in the top 10.


Meta tags are very important for SEO. Do you think that every shop has set up meta tags properly? You will be surprised.

~6000 stores do not have a title tag in their HTML
~9000 stores do not have a description tag in their HTML.
~2000 stores do not have a title and description tags in their HTML.

:O wow! Trying to search these stores on google yield no results.
Maybe they are still in development? Who knows…

Always be sure to check that all meta tags for search engines and social networks are properly set before launching your store on the domain.

From googles recommendation, optimal title length is from 50–60 characters.
Let see how many stores follow googles recommendation

Majority of stores (>50%) have title length between 60–80 characters

Also, the description tag has google recommendation saying that optimal description length is from 150–160 characters.
Analyzing the majority of stores:

Majority of stores(>50%) have description length between 140–160 characters.

This is great news! Most of the Shopify store owners follow googles recommendation.


Which are common keywords in the title? Which one in the description? Do you know which industries are they in?
Yes, yes and yes…we have answers :)

The top results will not surprise you, as some of you may well know which is it.
We will get back to the top results shortly, but first, let’s see common shops at the bottom which are not a majority on Shopify.

Did someone say sex? Yes, we did.
The smallest portion of shops on Shopify is vibrators!
If you trying to find a vibrator, you will have a “hard” time searching that shop on Shopify :D

Another portion is (a protein used by athletes), then equipment followed by and (liquid).
Well, and are not that shocking since it is January.
If we run this same reports in June, we are sure that will yield different results.

Enough about this lowest portion of shops on Shopify. Let’s get back on the top.
The top players on Shopify are clothing and accessories shops.
Some shops are marked as various products shops, which means that most of them are drop shippers.
Most clothing and accessories shops are marked as goods, which means they are selling .
Interestingly, there are more baby/kids products than products.
Not surprisingly, there are more targeted shops than .

Well, some of this data for someone will provide valuable insight for shops on Shopify. The main data is in the middle which is starting to be trendy, but we are going to stop here and not assume anything. We can leave this for another article ;)

The End

While this data will be obsolete in a couple of months, its great to see some insights that are common among Shopify stores.
From our database of records, we plan to update it and monitor through the 2019 year.
We can’t wait to follow back on this data at the end of 2019 and see new insights and market differences. Who knows, maybe 2019 is the year of vibrators? :D

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