Ordinary Person but Extraordinary Warrior

. What would you do if you have to talk or describe about your parents? I wouldn’t do it if I could but important words shouldn’t be left unsaid as opportunities are lost in just a blink. I hate to tell stories about my parents if it focuses on how high-educated, how rich, and how experienced they are, because in fact my parents are just ordinary person. My father is a senior policeman and my mother is a full-time mom, both don’t have any academic title. But something that will never be off the record is that they are the true definition of warriors. Since their first breath until having three grown up daughters and a granddaughter, they’ve never stopped fighting and struggling. Strength and dignity are what they are made of. They are as wise as and owl and life advices are something that always comes out of their mouth. They are the sun of my galaxy.

. My father and mother come from moderate families living in the small villages with pea-sized farmland as the source of life. They sailed across the sea and carried on their life in strangers’ island until they both married and built their own home in the border island of the country. Around a half century have been struggling for living is not enough to pop wrinkles up on their face, because big smile is always be the highlight of their days as blinding light of the sun and makes them look like millennial.

. Every drop of blood, sweat, and tears is dedicated to their kids who have grown up in the way of how universe is made. Thousands of sleepless nights and aching muscle of heavy works never stop them teaching us about life lessons rather than school subject because that is what parents are supposed to do. Wisdom and judiciousness are what I can’t get from other people but them. Anger never comes out of their mouth even we break their heart into millions pieces but rather they ask Him to always bless us like the moon accompanies earth for 24/7. Medium-low income has successfully supported our mediocre life but their perseverance and wisdom made their kids become more successful than them. There is nothing can makes them happier than their kids’ success and happiness.

. My parents are just ordinary person if we talk about tangible things, but their ordinariness shapes them into extraordinary person and warrior. They taught us that reality is an enemy but enemy makes you stronger and better every time, right? They are my warriors and angels who have been taking care of me even before I was born and will always take care no matter how much I grow old.