Against all Odds — Andela Fellowship Week One

I am so happy to make it into the Andela Fellowship. After so many struggles, challenges and sleepless nights, I was able to prove that I have what it takes to succeed in Andela. Now my journey to becoming a world-class developer has started and I am going to give it my best against all odds. I know the journey ahead is not easy, but I will give it my best and make my dream of becoming a world-class developer a reality.

We were welcomed in grand style on the first day of resumption. We had our induction the same day and we were introduced to the Andela-Lagos Team. We had a sumptuous breakfast and a well packaged welcome pack. We were given an overview of the Andela Fellowship Program, why we were chosen, what is expected of us and the timeline of the program. I will like to share the things I learned this week, the expectations that have I have set and how I plan to achieve/exceed them.

  • I learned about how Andela EPIC value relates to my learning. EPIC stands for Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Collaboration. I must hold high expectations (Excellence), always be learning (Passion), continuously clarify deliverables (Integrity) and over-communicate (Collaboration). Andela is based on 4C’s values which are Consistency, Character, Commitment and Community.
  • I learned that the journey to becoming a world-class developer is rough. Yes, nothing good comes easy. In Andela, I am responsible for my own learning and professional progression. However, I will be supported by the Learning Department; to track my progress and provide everything that will make me succeed during and after my fellowship in Andela.
  • I learned about Simulations which is a learning program for Andela Fellows to develop their skills of world-class software developers by building web applications on simulated agile software development teams. Simulations is done in the first three month to prepare new fellows for the apprenticeship.
  • I also learned that Andela is fun, awesome and family. In Andela, you will find beautiful and brilliant people to work with, comfortable working condition (with sumptuous breakfast and lunch) and a great support team. Everyone in Andela is ever ready to assist and support anyone to ensure their growth and progress.

The expectations that I have set are as follows:

  • Familiarize myself with the relevant technology stacks I will be working with.
  • Post standups on the slack channel, of what I did yesterday (last 24hrs) and what I am planning to do on that day (next 24hrs)
  • Ensure that I cover at least 50% of the D1 Learning Outcomes
  • Complete my checkpoints and submit all outputs before deadline

To successfully exceed my expectations, I have decided to

  • Ask questions and over communicate with my Facilitator: When in doubt, I will make sure I ask questions and communicate effectively with my facilitator.
  • Maximize my learning by treating feedback with utmost importance: I will take note of all the feedback from my facilitator and implement them. I will reflect on the feedback and share my progress with my facilitator to get more feedback.
  • Ensure Proper Time Management: I will make sure I maximize the my time to improve my productivity. I will take note of the plans posted in my standups and try to complete and exceed them.
  • Make the best use of the Andela Community via Collaboration: Andela is filled with beautiful and wonderful people. I plan to maximize the Andela community by collaborating with different fellows to ensure that my project is timely done.
  • Embed myself in the Culture of Constant Improvement: I will ensure that I improve my knowledge each day. I will ensure that I am constantly improving my knowledge.

At Andela, I learned that life is full of stumbling blocks and stepping stones and that the outcome of life depends on your mindset. If you view anything as a stumbling block, you will definitely stumble but if you view it as a stepping stone, then you will definitely progress. I have decided to view my journey in Andela as a stepping stone to becoming a world-class software developer. I have set my goal, I will work towards it and I am sure that I will make it against all odds.

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