Business As Usual; The Church

A business model, let’s permit the use of a simple description, the three P’s(people, product, process) by Strive Masiyawa. An idea springs and you need smart People to birth this idea into a thriving Product through a well calculated and consistent Process.

A voyage beyond antiquity reveals God’s intent to save us from sin (Gen 6:13–14 , Gen 19:26–29, Ez 22:30…). The Idea being Salvation, God relied on Jesus' dexterity to build a bridge and consequently the ingenious of the Holy spirit to maintain it, till date and beyond; The People. The Product of this entrepreneurial act is the Gospel, which should be conveyed through this bridge (Matt 28:19–20). The Process for the distribution of this Gospel are faith, hope and love (1Cor 13:13).

Our God has been an entrepreneur from start till date, So it’s business as usual for him to invent or intervene. Salvation is God’s latest business, the Holy spirit is our latest CEO and as a Church we are his employees who convey the Gospel with our pay safe in the United Bank of Heaven where it can’t​ be impaired (Matt 6:19–20). So let’s workout our faith(Phil 2:12, James 2:14–17), in hope to see God (1Cor 15:58), to share in his Love (Phil 3:20–21), consequently we would be making more profit for the business of Salvation, by winning more souls for God our owner.