Are you Productive or Just Busy?

AppKazi is a project management application focusing on client based project management, project issues management,task management,expense tracking and quoting & invoicing.

Problems its targets

Do you always forget your projects?

Do you always forgets your tasks?

Do you miss out on timelines?

Are you not able to keep track of priority of tasks?

Are you not able to track the issues for your projects/tasks?

Are you not able to solve some critical project/tasks issues?

Are you not able to plan your days to come?

Do you always undercharge your projects?

Are you not able to track time spent on projects/tasks?

Do you always miss out on important task/project dates?

Are you always not able to raise an invoice for your projects?

Are you not able to track what project/task you are currently working on?

Are you not able to determine your completion statuses for your tasks?

How AppKazi solves the problems

  1. You can add your projects giving the project name,description, client,client phone number, client email,project budget,project start date and deadline for the project.

2. You can add your tasks and indicate the task deadline date & time, hours to be spent on that task and priority of the task

3. AppKazi home page gives you a very easy navigation where you see all the tasks whose deadline are scheduled for the current day making you aware of the tasks you are supposed to complete before the day breaks

4. On adding each task,you always choose the priority for the task and each task has the priority label icon which makes it easy for you to complete the tasks whose priority is high

5. AppKazi is one of a kind project/task management application,developed with developers in mind and when you are stuck on something or have a bug in your project you can always create an issues for the project.When unable to solve a certain issues you can always ask for help by a click of a button. That easy

6. AppKazi gives an overview of your day and shows which days have not be allocated a task and makes it easy to plan your time ahead

7. AppKazi has an amazing feature where you double tab on a task to start the Timecard…which records the time for that specific task…as if not enough we go an extra mile to show you on the notification bar the currently running task on the time card. Once the time for the task is over the application automatically saves the time taken,task and project that you were working on and goes an extra mile to notify you that the task is completed. You can choose to stop the task midway…still we got you covered. What if I reboot or switch off my phone? Am sure this is a question which at times many might not ask and also may might ask…worry no more the timecard runs even on rebooting or switching off the phone so that no data is lost and no time is not accounted for. The timecard is the heart of the application and works perfectly under all conditions. We value every second spent on a task so dot worry about losing any records on rebooting your phone.

8. Am sure by now you already want to download the application but am not yet done revealing the amazing features the application has..on the settings section which is the first thing we prompt the user to update on installing there is the part where we ask you to select the time you want to receive notifications. What we do is we notify you every day of your overdue tasks and the tasks whose deadline is the current date. We make sure you never miss a moment.

9. Most developers and people at large(amounting to almost 60%) do not know how to charge for their work and most are the times where the client takes advantage of this weakness to underpay your work which is quite a frustrating experience for those who have ever been through this can attest to this point. Being aware of this and also knowing that most people are opting to go the freelancing way we make it easy for you to charge your work. Its as easy as just adding the salary per rate which you are comfortable to work with. An hourly salary is very easy to come up with for majority of the working class. So how exactly do we assist in billing a project? Its so easy…by a button click and that’s all you need. Impressed yet?I guess this will impress you more…the application does the calculations in the background within seconds and gives you the bill showing the total hours billed,project billed,the client of the project and you as the person who has raised the invoice,your salary per hour,Value Added Tax for your country and the total amount minus the VAT..So many achievements achieved just by one button click(you have charged your work,you have catered for the legal tax requirements and finally you can email this invoice to your client).

10. Whats your progress? This is by far the most feared question by developers working on client projects. One is that you do not know what to really answer. Do I say 40% or 60%? And most of the times is when this estimates are so wrong that it is visible when the deadline day comes. You said it was 90% complete and all I can see is 50% of the work? Avoid this hustle by using AppKazi which automatically calculates task completion per the hours you have worked on which gives a nearly perfect estimate(if not perfect) for the percentage completion. This helps a lot toward achieving the task deadlines and the project deadline in general.

If you surely do love good sleep….what are you waiting for..Try AppKazi. Available on Playstore so that you can stand the chance to answer the question: Are you productive or Just Busy.

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