Harvesting agri-lending suite now allows financial institutions to curate training videos for loan officers, which they can watch on Harvesting’s mobile app.

A large part of making loans to small farm holder farmers successful is to ensure field/loan officers are well versed on the loan product(s) offered by the financial institutions and their ability to explain the same to farmers looking for loans, during the entire life cycle of the loan.

Harvesting agri-lending suite now supports the ability to curate best of YouTube videos, which are made immediately available to loan/field officers on their Harvesting’s mobile app. The system consists…

Harvesting agri-lending suite now allows financial institutions to send SMS notifications & alerts to their loanee farmers.

For small farm holders, who are often very far away from the financial institution’s last mile branch, one of the very cost-effective way to reach to them is over SMS. However with a growing loan portfolio, multiple loan types with different repayment schedules, it can get very hard for a financial institution to manually text each and every farmer for every relevant step of the loan life-cycle.

Harvesting agri-lending suite now supports the ability to send automatic SMS to all borrowers (farmers) in…

For farmers, especially smallholder farmers, a great crop yield does not mean that their farm will earn them enough to feed their family, buy inputs for next season or save for rough times. Access to good roads, market pricing, training, and storage facilities are just a few of the many factors which can influence a farm and a farmer’s success.

Harvesting’s FarmScore is designed to identify and capture these variables and transform them into a single, easy-to-understand score for assessing the potential economic value of sub-hectare farms.

Farmers wait for long hours to sell their produce in the wholesale markets of Mandsaur. Photo: Sayantan Bera/Min

What is FarmScore?

Farm Score is a relative score, like a credit score…

An agricultural lender has two primary concerns (a) accurately assessing the repayment capacity of potential borrowers and (b) monitoring the farmer’s activity post loans to ensure repayment.

Evaluating a borrower’s crop activity is crucial since cashflow from her farming activities will be a significant if not the sole component of her total cashflow.

Ideally, lenders make an on-site visit as part of the application process and at least once after the loan is made to verify the use of the loan. However, in practice, monitoring is often not done because of the cost of visiting small farms in hard-to-reach rural…

We recently wrote about Harvesting’s credit risk solution which leverages alternative datasets to drive financial inclusion for underserved populations. But what is Alternative Data?

Checkout this wonderful video by insight2impact team

If you are interested in learning more about how Harvesting’s Credit Risk Solution can help reduce risk for your lending organizations, please email us at info@harvesting.co

We started building Harvesting’s Credit Risk Solution (CRS) more than 12 months ago and have been fine tuning it as we hear feedback from partners, large and small.

We thought it would be a good time to share more details on the system itself:

Harvesting Credit Risk Solution (CRS)

Harvesting’s Credit Risk Solution

Harvesting’s Credit Risk Solution allows lenders to leverage (1) historical client data (transaction, savings, KYC,etc.), (2) advances in machine learning algorithms, and (3) alternative datasets (climate, earth observations, agronomy, etc.) to build a robust credit risk model.

Our goal is to help lenders develop a CRS that is efficient, accessible, accurate and affordable. With our solution…

Today, we’re excited to launch our mobile ‘Loan Origination’ app for agriculture lenders. You can download it from Google PlayStore here.

It’s very important for lenders to be able to capture and assess the financial needs of farmers timely, accurately and efficiently. However, current data collection and loan origination apps are not designed for the needs of agricultural lenders.

Based on our experience working with agriculture lender across the world, Harvesting’s Loan Origination app has several features we believe are salient for lending to the agricultural sector:

Integrated: The application is fully integrated with Harvesting’s agri-lending suite allowing loan officers…

This is a repost of blog which originally appeared at Fern Software blog here co-written by Howard Miller & Aparna Phalke of Harvesting

To provide financing to a farmer, a bank or MFI needs to have a good estimate of that farmer’s likely incomes — not just how much they will earn, but when will they earn it and the risks associated with different income streams.

For most farmers, the best predictors of cash flows are directly related to crop production. …

This is a repost of blog which originally appeared at CGAP blog here, co-written by Howard Miller, Director of Client Strategy Harvesting & Nathan Were of CGAP

For smallholder farmers in Uganda, accessing credit is difficult. There are a lot of reasons for this, one being a disconnect between agriculture and finance. Financial institutions know that smallholders have a big outstanding demand for credit. According the CGAP Smallholder Families Data Hub, more than half of Uganda’s smallholders say credit is important for their agricultural activities. But meeting this demand can be complex and expensive, and there is risk aversion when…

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