Role of governments in scaling up agriculture insurance

Governments play huge role in defining, implementing and subsidizing agriculture insurance across the world and a webinar “The role of governments in scaling up agriculture (index) insurance” is getting organized together with the WBG’s Global Index Insurance Facility and the USAID & Basis/I4-supported Global Action Network for agriculture insurance.

If you have not already registered for the event, please click on this link to register now and join. The first of this two-part series is scheduled on 25th of February, from 15:00 to16:15 (CET).

This webinar will feature resource persons both from implementing organizations and international development institutions. The first edition includes speakers from the World Bank, the Government of Kenya and USAID to share their perspective on how governments can catalyze the development of agriculture insurance markets through a variety of interventions such as provision, administration and management of subsidies, support for developing infrastructure for effective implementation of insurance programs, investment in collection and sharing of data and customer education. In addition, the government’s role in developing enabling regulations and using insurance as a part of their social protection and agriculture development agendas will also be discussed.

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