Why we created the best SMS marketing resource in the world

Harvey Hodd
Aug 5 · 3 min read

We’ve been building in the SMS eCommerce space for the past 2 years. We were previously operators of a brand using SMS as a key part of our online strategy, and later pivoted to create the most powerful conversational commerce solution available (Blueprint) after seeing how important 1:1 connection is and the lack options available.

Throughout this time, we’ve seen hundreds of different examples of SMS marketing (both good… and very very bad) but without any real structure or review process. We wanted to dig deeper into the tools used, the different elements to each SMS strategy, and ultimately where are the stand-out examples? We’ve spent the last few months building detailed case studies and the tools used across the best SMS marketing examples in the world.

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There was literally no good resource for SMS.

Although we’ve seen (literally) hundreds of SMS examples, there was never a central location where we could go, learn about what others were creating, what they were using, and how to replicate. For other eCommerce strategies covering emails, ads, and content creation there are tonnes . This makes sense when SMS has largely only become part of the modern eCommerce playbook recently. As 1:1 connection becomes more and more important for brands to build and engage with their audience, we believe this resource will play an important role in getting the most out of your strategy.

Building the blueprint of your SMS

Whilst it’s really important to read brand case-studies and do your own research, we wanted to remove the ambiguity as to what consisted of a great SMS strategy. After researching every example we could find over the past few months, we’ve come to see patterns emerge that can be followed and replicated for your brand. Most importantly, if a brand can follow principles of bringing value to their audience above everything, being cognisant of the amount of offers or sales they’re sending, and create a brand persona and custom tone-of-voice — you’re on to a winner.

In addition to what it really meant to build a great SMS strategy, it was also important to break apart which solutions (Or Tools 🔧 as we refer to them on the website) can or can’t get you there and that means for your brand. We go into detail about what feature set is offered across each tool, what they specialise in, and how certain Tools shape up when they head-to-head with each other.

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There’s never been any comparisons + what fits your store

From our research, choosing the right solution for your business was determined by a number of different criteria. From which country you’re in and eCom solution you’re built on to which feature set or functionality is most important to you. Largely this would previously have come down to who can shout the loudest, which can lead to absence of consideration or comparison — which we feel is vital for the best solution.

At Blueprint we’re really focused on a core sub-set of consumers — which in-term means that there are large swathes of customers that would be better suited to other tools. We wanted to shed light on pricing, feature set and integrations that either might not be readily available or in some cases deliberately kept in the dark. This is the chance to really dial into which can work for you and why, clearly explained with the noise.

Educate people on how to best use SMS for their brand

Perhaps above everything, we created this site to educate brand owners and operators to the possibilities of great SMS marketing and strategy. We believe we have barely even touched the service of the effect 1:1 connection and increased functionality inside SMS, WhatsApp and Messenger will have on eCommerce. It’s incredibly important that merchants and vendors have access to the best solutions, the best resources, and the best practices to move the entire industry forward.

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