Continuous Publishing

Harvey Multani
Oct 26, 2018 · 4 min read

Resources to improve my writing


  • Analogies to software development workflows re pushing commits to remote, continuous integration/deployment, etc.
  • “Move fast and break things”: “Write fast and be ashamed of yourself.”
  • MECE out my reasoning for writing
  • I started writing drafts in google keep, and then would migrate them to Google Docs for formatting and feedback from reviewers, and then migrate to Medium for publishing. There was a lot of friction and repetitive work here because of formatting issues caused by copying/pasting between apps and also that each app had different functionality. Plus the context switching. Writing straight to my publishing system
  • How I measure myself when it comes to writing: first by number of drafts generated, then time writing in drafts, then words generated in drafts, now posts published. Continually evolving and changing
  • “You don’t need to be the same person that you were 15 minutes ago”
  • All growth is by definition change though not all change is by definition growth. Err on the side of making change easier if revising is cheap.
  • Explore changing workflow from drafts -> published to drafts -> unlisted -> published or unlisted -> published once publishing unlisted stories is enabled on medium iOS app
  • Working this way is unpredictable. Predictability is not always a virtue. Growth is by definition less predictable than steady state.
  • Easier to find like minded people or those who share values in a scalable asynchronous way. Especially when one is living the nomad/SOA life (todo link to nomad/SOA post). Helps diversify portfolio of friendships (proximity based, values based, digitally based)
  • Show my work (get link)
  • Don’t let perfect be enemy of good enough vs don’t let good enough be the enemy of showing up. Doing something, anything when we have an intuition and virtually fully reversibility on the decision is almost always better than inaction. Ship garbage and iterate.
  • Quantity begets quality (todo pull primary sources)
  • Distribution not a priority for me since I write for me. No concerns about waves of people seeing posts and not coming back because it wasn’t “perfect” the first time.
  • “Vulnerability is the new invincibility”? Invincibility can be broken with one show of weakness. Vulnerability exposes flaws that can then be systematically corrected. Vulnerability leads to longer term strength?
  • Assume a question mark at the end of every statement. Everything is up for revision.
  • Writing as a way to reduce load on working memory and long term memory.
  • Improve quality of thinking by identifying exaggeration or being more likely to cite things. Exaggeration reduces credibility in verbal conversation and can be used as way to paper over lack of thoroughness in thinking. Also tend to speak quickly so writing gives me ability to slow down and fully build out reasoning.
  • I’m going to experiment with only taking notes as medium drafts. So no more google keep which is where I initially captured notes.
  • This way everything is one click to publish. May also experiment with adding following step to my weekly review:
  • Weekly review process for drafts to publish
  • Process for editing older articles and updating them? Block out time? Ideally find an event based trigger of some kind. Or some sort of rules based system.
  • Assume I’ll have to rewrite anything multiple times for it to even be half decent.

    Harvey Multani

    Written by Disclaimer: I am not a licensed anything. Consult relevant experts before experimenting.

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