Helpful Tips for Jobseekers

There is no reason for a skilled, well-educated, and experienced person not to get a job in today’s world. For one, the digital age has brought a lot of opportunities for us — and even the application process has been simplified. And yet, some job seekers still find it hard to find a good workplace despite all their efforts and years of searching.

Raul, a 40-year-old restaurant owner, remembers how he applied for a job when he was a fresh graduate — pre -internet days, “I was new here in Singapore, and I knew no one. I wasn’t into anything techie at that time and the world was not internet-dependent yet. What I did was first fix and polish my resume; checked on all the employment ads I can find on newspapers, went to several job interviews, until I was hired as a manager of a small restaurant downtown. Those years that I was just an employee got me to be well-trained — and those experiences taught me a lot. After some years, I already opened my own restaurant.” Raul shared that now, when he hires his own employees, they often gets through a Singapore headhunter just to make sure that the screening process for the applicants will be very thorough, “I picked up that habit from a friend who also owns businesses here in Singapore; I just want to make sure that the people I hire are skilled and trustworthy.” The aid of a headhunter in seeking jobs in Singapore has been very beneficial to a lot of employment-seekers over the past years.

According to the article posted at titled Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment Agencies, these are some advantages to having a recruitment agency help you as you seek the job of your dreams:
 1. Recruitment agents are experts in their field and can also offer helpful guidance. They can give you objective feedback on your application and how to promote yourself.
 2. Many a times one needs experience to get a good job. Some agencies deal exclusively with temporary positions. This can be a great way of building up the experience which you need.
 3. Agencies often specialize in certain industries and types of jobs. They are the best people to ask for advice on what the job market looks like currently.
 4. Having an agency working on your behalf can speed up the process, and let you concentrate more on other important things. They are helpful while shifting jobs too. You can concentrate on your current job, while they find another one for you.
 5. They may have excellent contacts in organizations that could be very helpful in getting a job.
 6. They are helpful to the candidates as well the employers too

Jao, who has been very thankful to some Singapore based headhunters, shared how one can better prepare oneself in finding the best suited job, “Aside from having a good resume, make sure that you dress for the part. Do not go on interviews wearing jeans or slippers. Be very presentable without showing too much skin. Listen carefully to the questions thrown at you, and be very smart and concise when answering them. Be honest, too. Employers can sense if you are trying to sugar coat things.”