One thing I believe, One thing I know, One thing I Doubt.

Anybody can be successful

My Belief:

I believe that anybody, as long as they work hard enough, can be successful. Throughout my life I have seen many successful people. Although they mostly have been on television, every single one of them share a single trait. They all worked really hard to get to where they are today. If everybody in their own lives strives to be successful by working hard to the best of their ability in whatever they want to do. There is no doubt in my mind that they will eventually achieve their own goal of being successful.

I dictate my opinions


Although I may be wrong on many subjects in my life there is always one thing that I will know for sure. Only I can dictate my own opinions. Throughout the process of giving my opinion, I understand that my opinion could have been influenced by the people I surround in my life but in the end I am the one who decides whether or not to agree or disagree with those influences to a certain extent. I accept and own my opinions and any of the consequences that come with my opinions. Hopefully by reading my article you too will understand that YOU own your opinions and nobody else has the right to decide your opinions for you.

A flag representing our country


This year was a very crucial year in our countries history. We as a nation elected a new president. I personally doubt that by the end of his first term of presidency, our nation will be in a better position that where we are right now. Although many may disagree with me, this is my opinion and just like I said earlier on in this article, nobody can change it unless I am given sufficient evidence. However, I am staying open-minded and hoping for the best for our nation and I really hope he proves me wrong in the four years to come.