¿Why aren’t electric cars the solution to climate change yet?

1. Batteries depend on materials (lithium, cobalt) with different types of problems that put their production at risk and their costs can be very high.

2. The autonomy, charging speed and useful life of today’s batteries are not ideal compared to what it means to fill a fuel tank.

3. There is no country with an electrical infrastructure that is capable of supporting the demand for energy that would result in a significant increase in electric vehicles.

Science is looking for solutions to these problems on a day basis, but they will not come very quickly and the problem is that we no longer have time because climate change is taking its toll on us and the cost at all levels is getting higher and higher.

The truth is that climate change is not going to be solved with lukewarm water, it requires decisive action and a profound transformation of culture into the appropriate use of energy because technological change requires an immense amount of money, materials, labour and also energy that we do not have, and it cannot be solved so quickly because it is a change that with good luck will take a century.

So if you want to be remembered by future generations, change the way you use the water and energy whatever its origin, otherwise future generations will not even be able to remember.

It is the reality, at the moment there is no solution to our environmental problems and what we need is practically a miracle or a change of consciousness.