Paul Brown once said that “The key to winning is poise under stress”. The key to success not only requires hard work, focus, time and courage. It requires more to be successful in life. The above stated traits are inefficient to be successful in real terms; however we still follow the formulaic rule book to taste success in life. Success is all about the journey and how we handle the hindrances life throws at us throughout the journey. Successful people are just like me and you. They all have started the way we have started and have the same amount of time as we have, but what has taken them to the acme is where the secret to success lies.

How a person deals with stress is idiosyncratic and has the potential to take you to the top or make you hit the bottom. A lot of times what bothers you may not bother the other person. Eminent personalities have a different approach to deal with stress. Stress can induce feelings of despair, worthlessness, depression and can take your performance in a downward spiral. Most of us get demotivated when dealing with anxiety and stress and that definitely takes a toll on our personal and professional life. Even these determined people must have faced considerable amount of stress in their life, but anxiety has worked the other way round for them. Anxiety helped them fuel their passion and tenacity and made them double their efforts. The refusal to drop one’s bundle is what that has made them stand out of the crowd. This might surprise you, but anxiety and stress are cardinal in optimizing your performance, but the trick to be followed is to learn not to succumb to the stress in your life.

Even the biggies have hit their lowest ebb in businesses. Some things cannot be controlled and it is bound to happen. The failure could have taken a toll on their business, but their belief and capability to accept and deal with the change, and the will to make something positive happen has helped them deal with losses and emerge big. We need to mentally prepare ourselves to expect and deal with changes that have happened, and ones that are on their way. The philosophy of “life is unfair” , does not go down well with success because the focus should be on the haves rather than have nots. We should learn to make most out of what we have rather than whining on what we do not have. It is true that some events are inevitable, but what can be controlled is the way we respond to those events.

It is of great significance what we contemplate about our own self. If there is room for negative self talk, then it is time to let off those thoughts because negative self talk propagates on the power we give them. Negative thoughts are merely thoughts, and not facts. The more we give room for these talks, the more we tend to believe these thoughts as facts. It can be managed by writing it down on a paper as it gives you a break from momentum of negative thoughts. It gives you a chance to think lucidly and to differentiate between thoughts and facts.

Anxiety and empowerment are disjunctive. It is important to make balance in life as anxiety and stress cannot be completely isolated from our lives. The right amount of anxiety can help us in taking up challenges and accomplishing them with great success. What has to be assimilated is the art of managing stress and anxiety and how to make use of anxiety as a catalyst in being successful in life. To help you manage stress and anxiety better in life, Harvin Academy, Preet Vihar is conducting symposium on “How to excel in life and be stress free” A symposium where you will get to learn a lesson for a lifetime.

“Remember that stress doesn’t come from what’s going on in your life. It comes from your thoughts about what’s going on in your life” — Andrew J. Bernstein

By : Jagriti Verma